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Auto Orbit planet
Allow for ships to automatically orbit at a distance within or outside of natural gravity by selecting the closest planet. Players should be able to set a distance, if the ship is capable of orbiting it should stay in without warning. Warning should be optional if ship will fall into the planet.

ArcTek shared this idea 17/08/17 23:18
Different 17/08/17 23:52
so an on going physics calculation in the background while also rendering the thing close to unusable (cant land, cant access without an antenna..) the reason for orbiting in real life is because it is power efficient , right now you can make something hover at any hight by adding enough fuel or enough solar panels and batteries. if we could hover things as efficient as space engineers would have already done it, instead we have 2-3 satellites just so that they can always cover a specific spot, where as hovering satellite would only require 1..
KentiBengali 18/08/17 01:33
Aside from the orbital mechanics aspects, I think this could be a part of a "remote control block rework", which might include a lot more useful functionality than it currently contains, including the ability to set and maintain a particular velocity (such as for a mining vessel when mining, to keep it forward slowly).
CDRTasun 18/08/17 09:35
In Space Engineers, Orbit is considered to be the point at which Gravity stops. This is because, in Space Engineers, nothing moves around, there's no real sun, the only things not fixed in place are characters, items, and small and large grids. It is also because Velocities are capped - True orbital velocities are impossible. So if you want an orbital station, build one. At the point where gravity stops.