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Attack Ships
ok right now all you have is basically passive cargo ships with defenses and the only enemy that you have to worry about is the spiders and the wolfs and meteors so it feels pretty safe especially if you got good defense so i think there should be consequences for attacking the cargo ships like attack ships come after you and i think there should be a big ship like a main attack ship that you have to run from or take out for the attack to stop and i think there should also random attacks if you're at war with a ncp faction

DyingDarkStar shared this idea 08/12/17 15:46
Ronin1973 28/12/17 20:46
I believe they tried this with the Argentivus. It used to pursue players once it was in range. I believe it was supposed to weld up and launch its own drones as well. At present, it feels like the Argentivus has been down graded to just another cargo ship.
andreykl 30/12/17 11:58
As far as I'm aware Argentivus is still launching drones and is somewhat dangerous... The biggest problem is with the design of the ship itself and design of drones - it is exceptionally easy to avoid fire from Argentivus, get into blind zone and grind your way inside before drones manage to hit you. Drones have same flaw - one has a single turret it fails to point into players direction, second has gattling and missile turrets, but again fails to target player. Drones try to keep distance from player and that is reasonable, however in doing so they turn their guns away. Either designs need to be upgraded to have turrets at sides or drones should keep pointing at player while moving backwards. I don't think Argentivus was downgraded, but I do agree that Argentivus is just another cargo ship for experienced player to loot even if said player has no combat ships as of yet. P.S. Same problem with all drones in general.
DyingDarkStar 30/12/17 14:39
well with Argentivus you still have to go to the ship in hence why i say they're basically passive and what im trying to say in this post is the "Attack Ships" would spawn with in range of the player and start attacking and i was thinking the Attack Ships would be bigger and more well defended than the Argentivus like it could be like a carrier ship and or some other type of ship and it would maybe spawn in ships that are like the Argentivus instead of small dinky drones but they would have the AI of a drone and also this should happen only if A. your at war with a NPC Faction (the attacks would randomly happen) and or B. you attack a NPC cargo ship and would be a around 15 mins after you attack the cargo ship and the attacks would only happen one time for every cargo ship you attack and like the timer for the attack ships to spawn in starts when you attack the cargo ship (for example: say you attack 3 cargo ships with in 2 mins apart of each attack then after 15mins you will get attacked 3x and each attack will happen with 2 mins apart) (there was a mod that did something similar to this and i loved it but the mod author deleted it and i couldn't find any mod that could replace it so why not ask keen to do it or make something very close to it lol)
andreykl 31/12/17 02:33
Argentivus stops couple kilometers away from player and spams drones that go to players location, so it is attacking. If you mean making a full fledged ship follow player, it might be a little overboard... but I think it is possible to do a mod that extends list of spawned ships (there even was one - invaders). For everything else you will need improved and working factions first.
DyingDarkStar 03/01/18 12:39
how would it be overboard did you even read my previous comment? or did you just skim thru it? i described how it would work like (i probably should have conveyed this part in my previous comment :/ ) i think it should be 1 main ship (bigger then Argentivus and slow) and 2 smaller ships (similar size as Argentivus) and they don't spawn any drones and i dont like the fact that the Argentivus spams drones. And i only got "attacked" the way you've described only ever once or twice and iv been playing for 1536+ hours and they always spawn 8km away at minimum and some times i forget to turn off my PC when i go to sleep and i come back and nothing happens and i do have all the boxes for the NPCs on and iv attacked multiple cargo ships and idk how to make a mod if i could iv would have made it all ready.
andreykl 03/01/18 21:25
It is overboard for 'vanilla' game. If large ships are made correctly and act right, they are nightmare to deal with from stationary base. Even Argentivus's drones have a potential to be a nightmare for any player if only they were made better and were a tiny bit smarter. Something the size of Argentivus attacking directly is often outside of ability of single or inexperienced player to handle until late game. When you have capability to take Argentivus head on (without tricks like hiding under rock, firing from blind zone or simply outgunning it), you usually don't need cargo ships since it is much easier to build one large drill-ship. Even if players do manage to protect themself, need for constant repairs will be a burden - as a mod this will work and will be enjoyable, for other cases - not so much. P.S. It would be much better to have something like 'patrol' to come out to investigate the last location of the cargo ship. If it is still there - they 'taw' it, if you are there - they attack you, otherwise they explore some radius and leave.
DyingDarkStar 05/01/18 16:38
i just feel like there needs to be more sort of danger and i personally don't think the Argentivus is a real threat but i do like that P.S. idea