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attack ships
ok right now all you have is basically passive cargo ships with defenses and the only enemy that you have to worry about is the spiders and the wolfs and meteors so it feels pretty safe especially if you got good defense so i think there should be consequences for attacking the cargo ships like attack ships come after you and i think there should be a big ship like a main attack ship that you have to run from or take out for the attack to stop and i think there should also random attacks if you're at war with a ncp faction

DyingDarkStar shared this idea 24/11/17 17:51
HyperLemon 08/12/17 15:17
Start with a big letter or nobody bothers about that idea
DyingDarkStar 08/12/17 15:41
well i can't edit this post nor delete it
DyingDarkStar 22/03/18 10:52
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