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Asteroid / World Generation Options
Greetings dear men and women of the suggestion forum, I am here to announce... Nothing of real importance really since it is only a suggestion, and I am sure this one will not gain any kind of popularity since it mainly focuses on making a moddable aspect of the game rather than introducing a brand new medium reactor or a new fancy feature you can tangibly use. Well, I have personally (although I am not sure whether other people have had this issue themselves) wanted to create some more interesting world generation options so servers have more options than planets with infinite asteroids or limited world size amount of asteroids as well as a bit more optional set of hazards Just so we are clear from the get go I am not proposing all of these things should be added straight to the vanilla game nor even if they are that they should replace any feature currently in the game (like infinite asteroids) but rather give more power to server owners and people that would like to have more of a "map" than an infinite asteroid field. [B]Proper Scenario Modding[/B] I would like if Keen added the ability for Starting Scenarios to be workshop moddable, not just saved worlds. There are a few reasons for this since planet placement and so on can only really be shared via saves rather than through scenarios. What I am proposing for this is: 1) If you are subscribed to a Starting Scenario it will pop up at the bottom of the scenario list when creating a new game. 2) A Starting Scenario can have "required" mods attached to it which would by standard be on when you start the server (and can be removed if you so desire). 3) Starting Scenarios can have objects pre-placed into the world as a save file. 4) For the features below this to be implemented as options (As the 3 first points would be equally possible in a save file currently) [B]More Options for Asteroid Placement[/B] The reason for allowing Starting Scenarios to be workshop moddable is actually the following suggestions since they (if implemented as described here) would be part of the starting scenario. Asteroid Placement right now is limited to only a few asteroids in the center of the world or infinite (at varying densities) which has given me headaches trying to setup situations where players would have to at some point engage with each other. Basically Scenarios could have an option for "zones" that contain asteroids. These asteroids would be contained within the zone. It would be nice if there was a few shapes to choose between as well as the ability to set rarity of ores in these zones. [spoiler=Technical Details]Basically each zone would be defined as following: X/Y/Z Position Shape (Sphere, Toroid, Ring, Box) - Spheres and toroids would be defined by inner radius and outer radius. - Box shapes would be defined by Height, Width and depth of the field. - Ring shapes should be defined by inner radius, outer radius and height. X/Y/Z Rotation (Applicable only to, rings boxes and toroids) Asteroid Density (Inside the field, would work like the current) Rarity of ore types If possible it would also be nice for this option to be added to the planetary generation so you could make rings around planets and moons if people wanted to.[/spoiler] [B]Hazards[/B] Well we could all agree on more interesting hazards but this topic is not about that. Well this one is something that would also be a nice addition but not really the main point of this topic. It would also be nice if each Asteroid Zone as well as Planets/Moons could have individual hazard levels. Say Earthlike is completely safe but the moon has regular meteor showers for example, and if new hazards are introduced to the game they should also equally be options. [B][FONT=arial black]Please feel free to criticize or support in any way shape or form that you feel appropriate. No criticism is completely without merit.[/FONT][/B]

SioxerNiki shared this idea 24/09/17 16:33