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Artificial gravity to block Jump drives
Currently there is no way to prevent player controlled enemy ship from jumping around 5 km jumps every 10 seconds in PvP combat. This sometimes results in combat situations that put way too much weight on one block / game feature: namely Jump Drive. So idea here is to counter this issue by making jump drives react to artificial gravity field the same way they react to natural ones in current game. This would allow players who want to prevent their enemy from gaining distance too often to use a spherical gravity generator moved close enough to enemy ship, Yet while jumps would be block able they'd still remain viable tactic due to gravity generators limited range.

Shagakor shared this idea 19/09/17 16:03
Overwerk 20/09/17 10:23
it is a good idea indeed, however, the area disabling of the gravity generator should be tooglelable in the terminal. that was ships flying in formation dont auto jam each other if they use the gravity for something like a grav shield, but when jamming you cannot jump either. the power consuption should also be raised in consequence
AutoMcD 20/09/17 15:20
How big of an issue is this really? If someone needs to run from a fight just let them go
Shagakor 20/09/17 16:32
@AutoMcD: Not a very big issue. However the running from fight woulds still be possible with relative ease. And running away is not the only thing doable with Jump Drives in combat. Increasingly often I've seen combat where all or most ships involved keep jumping 5 km jumps not to run permanently but to move around the "battlefield". While this is an interesting element in combat many might agree it shouldn't be all that combat is about.
Overwerk 20/09/17 22:27
I feel like the issue lie in 2 things. The first is the inability to chase players with jumpdrives unless you use a jump inhibitor mod, and the speed limit. For the first one we need a separate jammer block with a big range 50k max, that only works when the grid It is on is stationary (if you like the idea, I recommend checking my post and maybe throw a vote it's way). For the second, you could keep the maximum speed while not using thrusters or 104, and then being able to bleed through that speed with thrust. Of course, it would have diminishing returns based on the thrust to weight ratio and caps off at around 150mps. BUT it allow fast interceptors or well built torpedoes to catch up those ships that fly in a straight line and feel invincible. At least of they are not able to outrun you in the first place.