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Armor Paint options.
Currently, all 'paint' is what I could call a semi/glossy paint. Though there are so many options, I, and so many others in the community would love to have metallic choices, as well as a matte or flat option. It is nearly impossible to create true metallic paints in game. Gold is too fake and looks like plastic, Silver just ends up strange, and everything else is dull and doesn't work well. Many of my creations would benefit greatly from a true gold or silver. Perhaps even a stainless steel. A Copper with Patina would be amazing as well. Perhaps creating a setting in the top of the colours popup box, which selecting a tab would bring up different sets of colours and options. Selecting a choice of 'Matte' or 'Flat" brings up its own colour options, so there's easy separation and distinction between the sheen of normal paint and Matte/Flat. Selecting a choice of "glossy" or something similar, which is what we currently have in game, would bring pretty much the exact same options as they are now. Selecting "Metallic" or having multiple options, which may include; Polished/Shiny, Brushed, and Patina. Which pulls up true metallic paints which we can modify to suit our designs.

Altenarian shared this idea 02/01/18 04:46
Altenarian 02/01/18 04:55
Here are some Examples in rings.
DyingDarkStar 05/01/18 16:47
i like this and would go good with this idea that i have here the link: i honestly think that the armor painting needs an update and this idea your porpoising would make it so much better i hope this idea makes it into the game
Mater 12/01/18 21:14
I like the Idea very much. Rocket League benefits a lot from this kind of paining varieties. Also it would be very VERY beneficial for the dev team if they want to implement some payment options for it. Everyone would like to show of they nicely painted ships.