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Antenna Range on Dedicated Servers.
For a long time now dedicated servers cannot control any craft/base outside of view distance with normal antenna or laser antenna networks. it works fine on multiplayer just NOT multiplayer on dedicated servers. its been the biggest issue with my server where we play as a space agency, not being able to use remote space craft and set up satellite comm networks.

ibubr shared this idea 28/08/17 19:29
ShawnCassar 31/08/17 08:32 flag comment
Second this. Many players on my server build large (beyond render distance) networks, only to find out it was all for nothing. This makes it extremely difficult in multi planet scenarios (even asteroids), especially for hidden bases and remote rover work. This has been broken for a year or two, however as stated, it works fine on non-DS multiplayer. Could perhaps the same logic be used for DS? (the Server instance itself scanning/keeping alive remote connections beyond render distance, but only full load the grid if a player or script is accessing the remote grid?)
Jerrry 03/09/17 13:59 flag comment
This issue was already fixed. Fix will be a part of the next major update (release in the next 2 months).