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Antenna Frequencies
Hey KSH! I think it would be awesome if there were a slider on the antenna block that allowed a sort of "frequency" setting. Say maybe up to 999.9mHz. If any other antennas in the set range were set to that same frequency, you would only be able to see those antennas. It would do two things to multiplayer gameplay. A: make a really cool multiplayer mechanic of being able to essentially "hiding" your base/ship from another enemy faction that didn't know your operating frequency. B: give the beacon block a better purpose by making that broadcast on all frequencies at once. Hope you consider my suggestion! ;)

dCableGuy shared this idea 15/09/17 18:11
LukaszLutek 18/09/17 19:43
Yeah its really good idea.
xPrioroftheOrix 03/10/17 13:11
I suggested this awhile back in the official discord and was laughed at by Jim and one of the devs and told me the way antennas are currently programmed into the game that frequencies would not be possible. At all. Not even via a mod. This is something I would looove to see in the game though.
myman 17/10/17 06:22
yes Yes YES