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An alternative way of building blueprints in survival.
Inspired by a Reddit suggestion from 3 years ago. ( credit to u/GigaCorp The above Reddit post suggested that in survival, blueprints should be built as a framework and then the whole ship welded up at once. I would like to build on this idea. I think this should be an option with the existing Projector block. Walkthrough: * The engineer places a Projector block (with required power). * The engineer selects the blueprint that they wish to build (and aligns). * The engineer selects the new "3D print style" option. * The ship is projected as a whole entity. All of the block costs are merged into one master list, and the welding time is calculated into one progress bar. *Once the projection is completely welded, the ship then returns back to it's block state.

lilbigmouth shared this idea 27/09/17 13:07