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Alter damage caused by ramming
Currently ramming ships deal way to much damage and ruins combat. There is no reason to engage and fight other enemies by any other means but ramming and this makes combat non existent for that reason. Check out this topic for more information.

CidnersofStorm shared this idea 11/09/17 15:35
AutoMcD 11/09/17 18:14
Maybe could combine with this:
CidnersofStorm 11/09/17 19:17
The issues seem to be different enough to have 2 posts in my view. He is talking about ship vs asteroid while this issue is about ship vs ship combat. It is similar you are right but I would rather get specific about the whole problem rather than a specific area of it.
CidnersofStorm 11/09/17 19:56
Update I have had many other players report that block deformation is not correct, they say it deletes adjacent blocks when deforming and it shouldn't be doing that. All I know is that deformation seems to be weird at the moment. I have heard this probably twice as well including from another issue on this forum. Basically ships don't loose energy when crashing into things like planets and terrain. This leads to the entire ship to becoming non existent. When planets were released ships did not receive a lot of damage from crashing but now the ships don't even exist when crashing.
gauge 27/09/17 23:06
I don't think ramming is overpowered. i think they should create a block type built to withstand impact damage. For example: A new armor type "X" that when a single block is hit takes 120% damage but the more surface area hit the amount of damage taken is reduced by Y% and is absorbed by all blocks in "Z" radius of impact.
AutoMcD 28/09/17 03:19
@gauge, you're nuts. Two ships even accidentally bumping into eachother causes MASSIVE damage.
Rasip 28/09/17 07:07
@gauge Are you feeling ok? We have a block built to withstand impacts. It is called an armor block. There is an improved version called a heavy armor block. Currently a single block can plow through 7-8 heavy armor blocks.
gauge 28/09/17 07:47
@AutoMcD I have given this a lot more thought. Yes, damage is extreme but the solution isn't as simple as decreasing damage or increasing toughness Why is damage so "massive"? It is not because their physics are off (at least not to much). the way ships bash into each other and split apart feels really good to me (on a large scale when they don't completely split apart). The issue they are facing is that each block is taking all of its damage instead of functioning as solid chunk of metal with its own stress points. To do more than a patch job (what i suggested) keen would need to redesign the entire damage system and probably blocks as well to apply damage based on impact and stress points. Until then we have Super heavy armor blocks and balanced weapon mods for PvP.
gauge 28/09/17 07:57
Also who in their right minds would ever use a light armor block for combat? 7-8 blocks deep makes sense if enough mass is behind it. With the current damage system. I don't think they need to spend their time on balancing when modders have access to everything they need to do it themselves. When they do go to address this is needs to be a complete rework.
AutoMcD 28/09/17 14:48
7-8 layers of armor is impractical even for a warship.
gauge 29/09/17 02:13
I guess i have not seen the worst of it as all the servers i have played on have had bans against intentional ramming. i have seen and made many dumb fire PMW (player made weapons) but have only ever managed 5 blocks at best. Granted the target was standing still. if both ships were moving towards each other more damage could be had. In the end the only ships that are going to be getting the max 7-8 blocks are when both ships built to ram. any other time and the defending ship is going to be powering away reducing the impact damage substantially. i average 3 layers of armor on all my heavy ship designs and they hold up to 2-4 PMWs. This is turning into something besides suggestion comments. I think this change must happen! I also think that the amount of work this will require to do it right may not make it worth doing till closer to release.