Space Engineers Feedback

Allow configuration mods for existing planet mods.
Currently, it is not possible to make small config changes to planet mods for servers without completely copying the mod and publishing it on Steam - resulting in confusion because of the copies of an existing mod that simply change the config files... often this wholesale copying is done without the permission of the author. As a planet modder, I would love it if server admins or... whoever, could simply make a config mod - like you can with the vanilla planets - where they just have their modified PlanetGenerationDefinitions file and place that config mod above the existing mod in the mod list for their world. Currently, when you try to do this, the mod is unable to find the heightmaps because the mod only looks in its own mod folder and not the overridden one for the planet folder referenced in the sbc file that contains the height, voxel, and material maps. I hate telling someone they have to take down a copy of my mod because they simply want to make a small change to ore distribution or something like that. I fell that they should be able to do that without taking subscribers away from my mod and copying my original work. Thanks!

entspeak shared this idea 07/10/17 03:24