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All lights flickering when you move the camera
A few people have been having this issue according to the steam forums. Every time i move the camera for quite some time now, all lights have stopped hitting surfaces with their light when the lights are clearly turned on. Im not sure how this hasnt been fixed yet due to the fact that it makes the game almost completely unplayable especially at night or in dark places. This is what is happening

Stryxus shared this idea 05/11/17 02:50
DyingDarkStar 11/11/17 13:08
thank you its very annoying trying to play the game then lights start flickering every time you move the camera
Kurusonkai 09/12/17 19:33
Followed a link from here. Hopefully we can get enough people working on large projects to have Keen do something about it, soon. I believe this issue has been around essentially since lights have been in the game. Especially has it been an issue since they placed spotlights into the game.
mikrogen 27/02/18 16:43
Fixed in 1.186
druppi 15/03/18 21:25
can not confirm that it is fixed here some screenshots:
druppi 15/03/18 21:26
no this problem was not existing before the new LOD implementation
Reaper93 01/04/18 04:10
I would love to vote, because this issue isn't completely fixed. At least it isn't for me.
druppi 03/06/18 19:37
this drives my crazy since more thane one year ... game becomes unplayable :(
druppi 03/06/18 19:40
Way it says "Completed" this bug is still there !?
PainGifter 05/07/18 01:40
Still no fix for this, lame.