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All in with skins by creating skin matching textured armor blocks
I'd say go all in with the skin idea. Let me decorate my blocks with skin matching textures. Start with just armor blocks to cut down on the work of having to make textures look good on complex models. Test it by giving Deluxe owners a "Yellow Spawn Ship" made up of golden textured blocks. If you notice growth of people flying that ship, then go all in and make textured armor blocks for all your sets. NOTE: Don't give the player gold when they grind down the block. All textures should be aesthetic only.

mccorkle shared this idea 18/08/17 16:16
KissSh0t 19/08/17 07:44
I would love to have some different patters available for armor blocks :>
nukeguardmods 20/08/17 01:28
This would make players ships even more unique, based on what types the player has found and what color they paint them.
Syncaidius1 01/09/17 17:40
Definitely. You're on to something good here Keen. It's also a nice revenue stream to keep you guys in business without f**king the player base over with content-locked DLC. Cosmetics hurt nobody, free or paid. :)