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Alien Technology
i think it would be cool to have alien technology like you can get blue prints for the alien tech from containers like the skin system but not like pay to win like they are world specific like you start a new world you won't have aces to the alien technology in survival until you have and do some thing to the stereolith and the monolith and i was thinking alien ships start spawning in with the alien technology and they would have the blueprints on them and the alien technology could be stuff like energy shields and energy weapons (like lasers), better reactors, alien modules, better thrusters, alien armor block (can just be aesthetics or better then heavy armor blocks ie 3rd tier armor) etc.

DyingDarkStar shared this idea 08/12/17 15:47
nevertel 19/12/17 02:15
also this alien technology could require a specialized or that is really rare exept for on the alien planet where it is as rare as platinum is on astroids.
DyingDarkStar 19/12/17 10:14
i do like that idea
DyingDarkStar 19/12/17 10:34
it'll give reason to go to the alien planet besides exploring
Ronin1973 28/12/17 20:50
I would like to see grids able to load alternative textures. Currently you can only have one texture set loaded in the game. If you want any alternatives, each block has to be contained in a mod. Which texture set could be selected per grid. The same rules that affect grids when they are split/merged would apply. Merged grids assume the name of the larger grid. So the texture scheme would be determined the same way.