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alien technology
i think it would be cool to have alien technology like you can get blue prints for the alien tech from containers like the skin system but not like pay to win like they are world specific like you start a new world you won't have aces to the alien technology in survival until you have and do some thing to the stereolith and the monolith and i was thinking alien ships start spawning in with the alien technology and they would have the blueprints on them and the alien technology could be stuff like energy shields and energy weapons (like lasers), better reactors, alien modules, better thrusters, alien armor block (can just be aesthetics or better then heavy armor blocks ie 3rd tier armor) etc.

DyingDarkStar shared this idea 18/11/17 02:08
Neraph 29/11/17 21:21
You can already do this with a little self-control and mods. I plan to acquire shields and energy weapons in my survival game: to do so, I'm having a friend craft ships with these and spawn them in as enemies that I have to disable, capture, and "reverse-engineer" by griding down/repairing/"hacking" the desired items.
DyingDarkStar 30/11/17 23:59
1. what I'm proposing is for the vanilla game and for the people who don't like downloading mods 2. with mods they can fall in disrepair if the modder stops playing the game and break when the game gets updated and also what 3. what I'm also proposing is to have older mods like the energy shields and energy weapons implement so they can be maintained by keen so the modders can make more mods with out having to worry about maintaining all there old mods and also giving a use to the stereolith and the monolith cause currently they do nothing but being a good decoration 4. what I proposed also would allow keen to impalement a drastic change of style of blocks and new and different weapon systems like lasers and defenses like energy shields and i was thinking that they make the alien technology more of a end game thing so the player can try and go for it after you explored the planets/moons and have a new more powerful enemy that spawns in with really valuable loot and the alien technology can have upgraded vanilla stuff with a new look while still having the older one
DyingDarkStar 22/03/18 10:51
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