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Airlock Block
It seems kind of ridiculous that we have extreme technology but an airlock (which we have even now) is not possible without creating special rooms with scripts. One block with doors on each side and maybe a conveyor point on the top and bottom for air venting (also part of the block) would be perfect for eliminating pointless, taxing scripts and keeping in line with the theme "we have more technology than we had in 2017."

Phraxas shared this idea 18/08/17 01:02
malwaredev 28/08/17 23:42
I do _not_ want a single block replacing one of the very few engineering tasks there is in this game. Make it easier to make airlocks, fine. Great even. A single block to replace the engineering? Please no.
Parfex 14/09/17 22:59
I have to agree with this. Yes, we can build our own airlocks... but something as ubiquitous as airlocks should be standardized. The airlock I build very likely won't dock with your airlock. I suggest a sort of hollow merge block.