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Air Tank max capacity setting & vent O2 to space without opening doors
Currently the only way to depressurise a room when all your Oxygen Tanks are full is to open a door to space & let the Oxygen out. This creates 3 problems... 1) Oxygen Tanks that are turned off but may have spare capacity are ignored. 2) The Oxygen is irretrievably lost to space when it could potentially be saved. 3) Explosive decompression, which is totally unrealistic. I propose 3 things... 1) A setting for Oxygen Tanks that allows players to set a "Reserve capacity". or "max stockpile percentage". When set to "Stockpile" the tank would reach the set capacity, and cease stockpiling. This would mean the tank always had enough spare capacity for rooms to be depressurised without opening external doors. 2) A setting for Air Vents that allows them to directly discharge into open space automatically when a room is depressurised and there are no available air tanks with spare capacity. This would allow Air Vents placed on the outsides of ships to purge Oxygen into space when all Oxygen Tanks are full. 3) A setting for Air Vents that allows them to fill Oxygen Tanks that are currently turned off if they are found to have spare capacity. The new settings for Air Vents would prioritise Oxygen Tanks that have a set "reserve capacity" over ones that don't - likewise they'd prioritise Oxygen Tanks that are powered on over ones that are not. If no spare capacity is found aboard your ship, the Air Vent would automatically purge it's Oxygen into space.

CptSavarus shared this idea 13/01/18 15:16