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after the update 1.185.3 the game became disabled
after updating 1.185.3 during the game more accurately than the flight, the game periodically stops to simply disconnect in the Steam settings. I have to show FPS in games during this stop, the indicator shows an average of 50 frames per second. The mood has removed, at least, everything turned off everything that at least somehow affected the FPS in the save settings, including the load of 5 km. I note that before 1.185.3 everything was fine, I was playing at medium settings, while the average FPS of 40 such stops was not noticed. On a laptop I have a laptop core i3 4030u nvidea gt 840m 2gb (I'm playing at 1366x768 screen resolution in full screen emulation , settings minimum all) Ram 12gb .Once again I repeat that before the update 1.185.3 everything was fine. I also thought that because of the mods this could be turned off but nothing changed but it became a little less often, how often the game stops depends on the speed in the game (I increased it by mods) just disconnected this mod did not change anything. I did not have a problem with one of me, it also showed up with my friend. Even after the update, there began to appear errors in the windows of the feast pressed on the button ESP and TAB.Understand this problem, very much like the project for earlier thank.

GreeD shared this idea 11/12/17 22:41