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Additional Physics Blocks for More Engineering Gameplay
I think the title pretty well sums up the basic thought there, but allow me to expand upon this a little below: Linear Springs - As of right now the closest thing we have to this is a wheel suspension block, and unfortunately due to the removal of the ability to put a rotor head in the missing wheel spot, it's kinda hard to use it as such. I would suggest these come in a few sizes for various builds, with the compressed length being 1/3 of the extended length (much like current pistons) Friction Pads - This one was best outlined by a suggestion by Robert MxD on the forums, Something that has a coding similar to the old pre neuter space balls except isn't a ball that can roll around, these could be used to make things like player made tank tracks, mech feet, and a number of other creations be much more viable, as sometimes moving on voxel can be like ice. Thru Axles or Shafts (ME Catchblocks) - This one seems pretty straight forward, basically just a double sided rotor, there could be a number of uses for this, including crank shafts, more complex multiple linkage mechanisms, etc. Steel Cable/Winches (ME Ropes) - Even in today's hydraulically driven world we still find a great deal of uses for pulleys and cables, while a basic implementation would be nice (like ME) I do think this would have to be slightly further expanded to include things like pulleys to make use of mechanical advantage and visually look better. Different sizes of Rotors and Pistons - Speaking from experience, when designing larger machines and mechanisms you always find yourself with a bit of a catch 22, Do i stack pistons and increase stroke length to increase mechanical advantage, while risking extra points of failure/stretchieness for clang? Or do i take the higher force requirement with few spots to allow oscillations? Many player made drill rigs would benefit from not having to stack a dozen pistons just to get down to desired depths i would suggest from 2x to 5x current length pistons. On a similar note, Larger higher torque rotors would be very desirable, especially on small grids, I routinely find myself having to make a conversion from a small grid, to a large rotor that has a small head, just to get the torque requirements for certain actions, I think this could be greatly simplified with simple having larger rotors. 1x1x1 Small grid ADV. Rotor - Make transfering Ore down a length of a boom much more feasible with this simple addition. Conveyor Hinges - I know this one is a greatly requested feature, I feel that it fixes many alignment issues that rotors have, while providing suitable means of transferring items I know this is a lot to read, but I hope you'll consider it.

GrindyGears shared this idea 17/08/17 18:53
JustRyan 22/08/17 17:03
This is Clangs wet dream right here
Brigor 24/08/17 12:03
The clang is strong with this one.
odizzido 27/08/17 20:08
I have wanted springs for a long time now. I think they'd be pretty useful from landing ships to building our own wheel suspension. Having larger pistons would be nice as well. Right now they're 2x1 but if we had a 2x9 setup that had a ton of those layered stages for extending(whatever they're called) that would be cool. I personally would like at least 10x the current length. Anyways I think this is too much for a single post. I mean I would like everything here to be in SE but I would rather have springs and larger pistons than the rest and I have no way to vote for those separately.
ChrisHiss 14/09/17 21:23
I agree, except about cables: we don't need them that much, and it's extra code
duncandisorder 01/10/17 00:53
Please help support my "Furniture and Greenhouse" idea. It really is a good idea, if I say so myself. Personally, I think the game has overlooked a vital part of ship building. We have no furniture, like beds and desks or no bathroom items, like sinks, toilets and showers. Anyway, there's more to my idea, I would appreciate any votes. Thank you.