Space Engineers Feedback

Add NPC bases and some abandonded temples or bases with some technology and new resources on alien planet, so there will be reasons to explore
I think it would be good to add something like abandonded NPC bases with some special technology, better NPC ships(I do not mean only larger, stronger, but with some complex weapon systems and complex combat algorithms, some loot like some technology. And adding some other things like some factions with which you will be able to make alliance, or some faction which will hunt you directly would be interesting and it would give some meaning to game in survival in late game because now you will found resourse deposits, build base and mining ship, than fighter and than large ship wich isn´t needed at all and than you will destroy about 10 pirate bases and ships and than there is nothing to do, no exploration of alien planet for rare resources, because there aren´t any special resources.

Lukow shared this idea 18/10/17 17:06