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add (mix) Oxygen to Hydrogen Thruster for bust or bigger output
add (mix) Oxygen to Hydrogen Thruster for bust or bigger output like in real life if you give oxygen to some ting borning it burns stringer

Ventus shared this idea 04/02/18 22:50
Thalyn 26/02/18 12:33
Chiefly speaking they should require oxygen to operate at all. Fire needs a source of ignition, a source of fuel and a source of oxygen to propagate - currently we have the fuel source (hydrogen), and the ignition source is largely irrelevant, but there's no oxidiser (unless we assume that in-game "hydrogen" is actually oxyhydrogen). Separating it into bipropellant would allow allow for the hydrogen system to also finally be correctly rebalanced. As it stands it is still being consumed as if it were joules instead of watt-hours (ie 3600x faster than it should be) listed in the internal documentation. Plus the ideal combustion ratio for hydrogen is 6:1 (by molecule), meaning the hydrogen tanks could be substantially reduced in both size and capacity while maintaining similar burn time per ship. Of course, H2/O2 Generators would also need to finally be allowed to produce both simultaneously, else this would be a huge inconvenience. Done correctly, introducing more oxygen should reduce the output of the engines. This is true whether they're bipropellant or re-evaluated as though oxyhydrogen were in use (unless they opt for the theoretically "ideal" 2:1 ratio, which doesn't provide as much thrust as 6:1).
MarsMatter 06/04/18 03:15
Considering that oxygen generators make either oxygen or hydrogen instead of both at the same time my headcannon is that "hydrogen" is really just a mix of hydrogen and oxygen used for fuel.