Space Engineers Feedback

Add life!
I will say right away that I am delighted with your game, this is a terrific world with many possibilities. But the reverse side of this is its size and ... emptiness. The game lacks the dynamics. Accessories and it's not so easy to solve this by mods. You need to fix the game. Change the start, namely, to give the opportunity to develop with the help of ... shit and sticks ... Namely, the players basically start on the ground. And at the start they should have a minimum of equipment and the opportunity to start developing from scratch. For me it seems fat to start with a ship and in fact because of piloting errors will lose it or just stand and saw. And I also need to add the levels of blocks and engines for a variety of types of ships and forms. It's no secret that at a high level of development you want to have as powerful and maneuverable apparatus as possible and not just increase in size and make a flying barn.  Need elevators, alternative blocks that give different advantages and choice of development. Also I do not like that on a small grid there are still no Doors, locks, glasses, gangways And it seems unfair to me that when the NPC signals Sos the drones of the defenders appear from the air. And also I would like to see an alternative welder for the assembly / repair of large ships and objects. Remove the ready-made spacesuit and make typing from modifiable parts such as fast running, enlarged bottles, high jumps. Or without it =) Change the resurrection system: If the death near the point then the delay is minimal and the further the more. This will make the game more realistic To enable rapid changes in the rate of production of oxygen and energy. Because a single game directly depends on the person playing, while the game on the server allows you to process ores, store spare parts, energy, oxygen. Well, the last point I would like to see platinum on the planets (for green instruments), caves. I wrote through an interpreter.

Buhlowoz shared this idea 18/08/17 19:12