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Add Elevators
This kinda falls along the same lines as ladders. We need elevators. I was thinking this would need 2 blocks to make. Floor block: This is the block you use to mark a stop for the elevator. Shaft block: This is a block that acts as the shaft without a stop. These blocks would be continually stacked to created a longer elevator.

HangmanMatt shared this idea 21/08/17 17:08
HangmanMatt 22/08/17 16:45
For anyone kind confused by my explanation, think about the conveyor system. The floor block that I described would be like the 6-way conveyor block and the shaft block would be like the standard pipe conveyor.
Krienas 23/08/17 17:40
It is engineering game IMO. So, engineer them. :) If we are going to get ready blocks for everything, what we are going to do in this game then? I find it the same as asking for ready to fly ship, so we do not need to do anything. I understand, that current state of clang doesn't help, even though things are improving. Hopefully clangs related to dynamic blocks will be gone at some point. IMO fixing bugs which makes engineering such mechanisms difficult should be a direction to go, not adding blocks, sole purpose of which is to workaround clangs. And I do not really see correlation between elevators and ladders. You can't build ladders yourself, for ladders you need to alter the ways character moves, also you need different animations. None of these are achievable in-game and none of those are true for elevators.