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Add damaged models for functional blocks
Unless you're looking at them with a welder, functional blocks don't give any indication that they're approaching non-functionality. Sure, there is a way to tell when they're no longer working, but these blocks should have damage models, non-unlike armor blocks. They shouldn't be procedural, but just one or two extra models with wear and tear could appear as functional blocks become increasingly damaged.

31emanual shared this idea 27/11/17 01:54
forcedminer 29/11/17 20:39
like how command and conquer, age of empires does it. ^^ I'm sure something like that will come along smoke is decent but visual damage....not like armor deforming...too hard with all the delicate inventory ports..but maybe it gets like an extra build state that it switches to when constructed but its build level drops due to damage. . I'd like to imagine something when it stops functioning due to damage chunks of the block diappear showing its insides. but maybe it could have many more build states that appear damaged so as you repair a damaged functional block it sort of goes though a damaged to fixed build state. :) . would be pretty cool with that wear and tear mod. come across a base or derelict ship that is literally falling apart
Xagen 01/12/17 10:15
Would be of great help to have some visual cue like that for damaged functional blocks.