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Add an actual but static sun and randomly generated solar systems
I know having a sun and orbiting planets is not performance friendly but for 1 the sun can be static yet could still rotate and be entirely GPU accelerated. As for the planets, with the current grid system i dont see much of a performance hit and it could always be optional to add an actual sun. The planets can still be static by location but could have a very slow and random rotation, the day duration setting would have to change for this to pick a range of realtime hours within an ingame day so you could have planets that have day time for 4 to 6 realtime hours, of course there would have to be a minimum amount of hours for this so planets dont spin out of control and glitches dont start.

Stryxus shared this idea 27/11/17 00:42
Darkaiser 01/12/17 06:15
This has been suggested, several times, in the past and the response is usually the same: A typical PC would not be able to handle the calculations necessary to do this. Trying to do this would make implementing Planets look like fixing a door bug. Not gonna happen.
admiralpeck 10/12/17 07:36
they do need to spruce up the lighting, it's kind of a pity that modders sometimes improve performance more than devs on this game. maybe they should just by the game from the devs and become the devs.
Darkaiser 10/12/17 07:40
In some cases, this seems plausible. I know some modders have accomplished great things. Sadly, we never know if those things will be stable tomorrow.
Cohors 10/12/17 18:38
The fact of the matter is games nowadays have overcome this issue and created moving, rotating voxel planets. If Keen wants to stay relevant they kinda have to.
tehroommate 13/04/18 22:11
Most games that have overcome rotating voxels have the planets as a sort of stand alone instance, or there is a load barrier between space and the planet. Astoneer is a perfect example of this. each planet is its own load set independent yet interconnected. If that makes any since. Might be possible for KSH to try that out and see what Clang has in store for them