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Add ability to prototype/design blueprints creative-style in a survival world (stop players leaving SMP server to prototype in offline world)
I love survival mode and I run a server that is in survival mode, but one of the worst aspects of playing in survival mode for me and my players, is designing anything but the most basic structures/ships. Designing grids in survival mode can be a slow and tedious process with the continual block placement/welding and then grinding away as you check different configurations of blocks to find your preferred design (or one that works). As a result of this, I do a lot of prototyping and design stuff in an offline creative mode world, meaning I'm off the server, on my own, and away from friends. My suggestion is to add a kind of inverse projector block, or a mode for the existing one, that allows creative-style building/design in survival mode. So you'd be able to completely prototype out a ship using all of the functionality and tools of creative mode (mirroring, instant block place/destroy, multiblock place etc.), except it would only exist as a blueprint attached to the projector until the design was finished and then fully welded (using the correct quantity of resource and therefore not breaking survival mode). Really, this removes nothing from survival. Currently, if players want to develop something with creative mode tools, they'll leave the server, design the grid offline in creative, blueprint it, return to the server, project it, and weld it. I'm simply suggesting giving players the ability to cut out all that back and forth time wasting and develop stuff directly on the SMP server. The concept obviously needs a little refinement (how does testing rotors/pistons work? can you add buttons, program them, add scripts to programmable blocks etc? are the prototyping blocks solid like real ships or transparent like projection blocks?) but I'm sure this could all be figured out. Personally I hate spending three hours in creative mode offline worlds prototyping stuff on my own whilst my friends are all playing in survival mode on the server.

RegEd shared this idea 02/03/18 13:08