Space Engineers Feedback

Add a Reflectivity setting to the color picker
I think while we can that the new particle and thruster effects look absolutely amazing, the glare effects got really mixed opinions. The thing is, they don't actually look so bad on SOME builds. The new post processing makes everything look like it's made from chrome, which actually looks really great if you want to build something like the Naboo Transport from Star Wars Episode I. However, if your ship is supposed be a matt black stealth bomber, or have a dusty, used look, it looks completely out of place and very ugly. This is why I'd advocate adding a reflectivity slider to the color picker. At 100% reflectivity blocks would look like they do now, while at 0% all those glare effects would be toned down to be almost nonexistent. Giving us a reflectivity setting is probably the only way to include those new post processing effects without making half our builds look stupid. It would be a shame to just take these cool new effects back out of the game entirely, but players need to be given an option to use them selectively.

Hellothere shared this idea 03/02/18 16:56