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Add 6-way conveyor variant for Small Grids.
The current large (port) conveyor for small grids is not 6-way. It has some sides that have the small conveyor port. This limits designs. Please add a variant of the conveyor that has large ports on all 6 sides. (Maybe add a small port to the four sides of the Conveyor Extender(name))

Wicorel shared this idea 12/08/17 18:17
Phoenix84 17/08/17 16:41
I'd like the small ship large conveyor junction to be 1x3x3, instead of 3x3x3. There's so much wasted space. Basically it should be 1 block deep, with large ports on opposite sites, then along the 1 block edge, are small conveyor ports. The large one can then have large on all side (keeping the small as well for compatibility).
KentiBengali 18/08/17 01:41
Great idea. I know there are a few mods out there for such things, but having several types (a bit of variety) in conveyors would add considerably to the building options, especially given the fact small grids have two sizes of ports/conveyors.
crashandburn 18/08/17 13:10
Even better would be to: -make the make the conveyor block 6-way -make the medium cargo container like the current conveyor block (4-way large + 2-way triple small) -make the conveyor frame full size (so you can actually mount stuff to it) with small side ports.
XkyDiver 21/08/17 06:19
More variety for constructing small grid ships is always welcome!