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Actual sun
The current sun is just an image showing up. It would be way cooler to be able to fly to the sun. I realize such a huge voxel planet wouldn’t be possible but maybe just an indestructible kill-on-contact outer layer is enough.

komekjr shared this idea 20/11/17 13:10
DyingDarkStar 24/11/17 17:24
i would love that
Hawke 24/11/17 20:23
Well, maybe not just a kill-on-contact outer layer.... I think that a proper "outer layer" for the sun (close to it but not it's surface) should act like the "atmospheric drag & re-entry effects" mod, where the ship burns slowly until there's nothing left (that should apply to the player too by increasingly draining health). But then planets would need to be moving around it because if the sun were to move it would swallow asteroids and ships on its path. Quite difficult and problably not worth the time it would take, bit still an interesting idea.