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Actions when you are on a passenger seat
Made missing the possibility of interacting with other blocks like buttons or using tools from the passenger seat. It should also be possible to control the thrusters connected via the rotor or piston to the grid where the seat is when we control it with the remote control

Brubaker shared this idea 19/08/17 09:46
aleliabro 22/08/17 19:52
Thruster or rotor control i dont agree on, as there is no control panel in the passenger seat model. But using buttons and tools when sitting is what i really want too. If youre talking about about small grid seats they should implement small types of the large grid versions for control station and flight seat rather than give the passenger seat controls.
Brubaker 23/08/17 21:36
I accept all possibilities, useing buttons and/or flight seat for small grids.