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Ability to group/sort suits/skins (cosmetics) so it's easier to find sets
At the moment skins are displayed in the order they were received. It would be handy if the skins could be sorted or filtered by name or by set so it's easier to pick out an entire matching set and see which parts of the set are and aren't owned.

Pharap shared this idea 22/09/17 03:33
LvlLord 22/09/17 19:44
Yes, that would be great. In character view for example always hiding duplicates and grouping 4 items together, but missing parts are left blank. That way there needs to be 8 columns each row. In addition the the groups character and tools a group "Set" would be great with all items of a set in a row. Also here when a part is missing, it is left blank (or for example only have 20% opacity).
Pharap 05/10/17 01:04
I've found out that they do sort themselves, but only a while after discovery.