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Ability to enable/disable certain feature for MP performance!
Ability to enable/disable more features such as: 1. "Construction dust" or puffs of air when building/grinding blocks causing massive grid checks lagging servers (even when air tightness is off -caused by recent bug-) 2. Scrap Metal (multiple item spawns cause massive lag, especially when they start shredding grids if their blocks/containers pop inside a moving grids.) Makes large scale PvP very hard. Tested with a mod that removes scrap and battle performance wen't way up, but the mod is wonky to maintain. 3. Block Deformation or at least the separate deformation HP "bar" if possible. 4. Block build stage removal (a mod currently does this but having it as an actual setting would be much better) ---- Extra Suggestions: 1. Adjustable weapon damages and projectile speeds via maybe a sliding bar in pre-game loading settings 2. Adjustable block HP/DMG Resistances, maybe just do for armor blocks, wheels/suspensions, and/or all blocks via slider value. Such as raising a slider to "200%" makes all blocks in the game twice as tough (separate sliders for the former block suggestions). <-- Uneducated example.

xPrioroftheOrix shared this idea 03/10/17 12:58