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A Way to Make Space Engineers Tiered and Encourage Exploration (Component Modules)
Hello. I've been playing Space Engineers since day one and have enjoyed it ever since. I mainly play creative because because in survival there is not much motivation to reach a new level or complete tasks. I've been thinking about it and have thought a way that I believe could help enhance the survival experience without severely altering the feel the game. I don't know if this idea has been mentioned anywhere else, but here it is. What would happen is that certain components (such as thrusters, reactors, gyroscopes, ect) be split into two parts: "Housing" and "Module". The housing would be the part you build and weld onto the ship, but would be non-functional without the Module part. The Module would be what makes the Component function and gives it all of it stats (For instance: Durability, Power, Efficiency) , and would be added through an inventory tab or a new "Modules" Tab that functions similarly to the inventory tab. The housing is what stays the same through all tiers and the module is what "upgrades" the component. There could be, say, 3 tiers available to the Engineer. Starting with tier 1 being the weakest and lowest tech and 3 being the highest with all stats improved along the way. Tier 1 would be the only tier available to the Engineer when a new game is started. New tier modules could be unlocked to be manufactured through the assembler through trading blueprints with a new NPC faction, finding them on ships/stations, or as a reward for destroying pirate ships/bases. A second way of obtaining these modules would be through finding them installed on random encounter ship's components. The Engineer could choose to put these to use in their own ship, or by building a new ship component "Science Lab" where they could put the modules in to be studied. The Module is broken down during the process of reverse-engineering and only crafting components are returned to the player. It would take 3 times studying a component to learn the blueprint for manufacturing. There could also be introduced "Specialized" Tiers that the Engineer would not be able to manufacture, and could only find by exploring. For instance, a Military Thruster Module would have very high performance and durability stats, but low efficiency stats. An Exploration Thruster Module could have Very High Efficiency stats, but suffer in performance and Durability. There could be a few other Specialized Tiers; like Industrial, Civilian, or even a Racing Tier. The rarest Tier that could be added would be "Alien", and can only be found on Alien ships or very rare crash sites on the Alien planet and moons. This would be the hardest to obtain, and the faction would be the "boss" of Space Engineers. Having a rare Alien faction would also add a sense of fear (For lower level Tiered Engineers), mysticality, and the unknown to Space Engineers. Some Components such as Large Thrusters could require multiple Modules to function at its peak. For instance, one Module installed and the Large Thruster would behave as if it were a Small Thruster, two modules would be in the middle, and 3 would function as a Large thruster. Also in these multiple Module Components, different Tiered Modules could be combined and the Components performance would be the mean of the Modules. A Block that could be added to aid in the exploration and discovery of new tiers would be a Radar. This of course could also be tiered. The first Tier would only give a distance to an object. Second would have increased range, give distance and direction, and once within a certain radius it would give a description of the tracked object. Third would highlight a GPS way point over the object. Some Blocks that could have the "Module" feature added to them: -Reactors -Gyroscopes -Batteries -Thrusters -Gatling Turrets (ROF, Ammo Type, Range, [Increased accuracy when radar is installed on parent ship?]) -Missile Turrets (ROF, Ammo Type, Range, Missile Homing Functionality, "") -Cockpits -Antennas -Programmable block? -Sensors? -Shields (New Block?) I feel like if this were implimented it would give the Engineers motivation to explore, push the limits of their craft, and Engineer contraptions to meet the needs of obtaining new and specialized tiers.

WittyKitty shared this idea 15/09/17 08:13
WittyKitty 15/09/17 09:21
Edit: Unique modules could also be introduced. For instance if you have a drill that always breaks you could add a special "Auto-Repair" Module. Or adding a "Hydrogen Fuel" Module to a reactor to make it generate electricity from Hydrogen. Also, maybe it could be possible to add modules to armor blocks as well. For instance heavy armor could have a "Supplemental Plating" Module which alters its durability and weight, and light armor could have a "Composite Plating" which makes it even lighter. The way you would add/remove a module to a block would be through looking at it and pressing "M" or another hotkey to open up that block's Module inventory. All of the individual blocks module's and stats on the grid can be viewed through the modules tab, and if the item is conveyor-able and connected then its modules can be managed directly through that tab. The modules wouldn't have to alter the the blocks appearance. Though it would be awesome if say you added an alien tech module to a hydrogen thruster then the flame would turn purple. And if there were different unique modules for weapons then that would open up a world of possibility. For instance, a High Caliber module on a Gatling turret would turn the turret into a cannon. Or maybe a Directed Energy Ordinance Module would turn it into a Laser/Blaster Turret. A Torpedo Module on a missile launcher would turn it into a single large missile launching turret. And Imagine combining different modules. Adding a Torpedo Module, High Explosive Module, and Homing Module to a missile launcher would essentially turn it into a ICBM Launcher. Or imagine Explosive rounds combined with a Shotgun Module on the Gatling turret. It would basically turn it into a flak gun. Or even a Mini-gun Module combined with High caliber would essentially turn it into an auto cannon. Having Modules will also be a feature that would be vastly mod-able by the community, giving the opportunity for more variety and content. One of the reasons Space Engineers is so popular is because of the Mod support. If the Module system were implemented then it would open up a world of design and engineering options for the player. For instance if they wanted to build a sleek ship with big engines, the rear engines could remain stock and they could have only one thruster on the front with high tier level module to match the performance of the rear thrusters to retain maneuverability. All current ships would have their modules automatically upgraded to the tier that mostly resembles the current game's stats. I know this would be a large change that would take a lot of work. But it would greatly increase the depth of Space Engineers.