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a turret targeting option
i think it would be cool and useful to have a option for the turrets to disable ships like the turrets would target enemy rocket launchers, gatling guns, turrets, jump-drives, and thrusters and it would stop when the targeted block is unusable ie disabled the turret will stop shooting at that block

DyingDarkStar shared this idea 24/11/17 18:18
forcedminer 29/11/17 21:12
I think I remember one of the testers saying thats not a good idea since it'll make ship combat too quick and harmless if guns just fired against other guns to disable a ship's defenses. in general turrets just target whatever has computer chips. . Thats what the manual turrets and launchers are for. and believe me small ships armed with a small cluster of Gatling Gun and a camera in the middle can be surprisingly devastating at disabling blocks. I wouldn't depend on launchers for small ships unless you like them exploding in your face and causing self-ship damage.
DyingDarkStar 30/11/17 23:04
i was thinking more on the line of single player
DyingDarkStar 30/11/17 23:07
and or having an option in the world settings
HyperLemon 08/12/17 15:16
Not good idea ;)
DyingDarkStar 08/12/17 15:38
the option doesn't have to target the turrets it was an example but im trying to say have it were the turrets can disable the block that their shooting at and not destroying it (and i cant edit this post and or delete it)