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A Troggle for the Drill's Secondary mode.
At the time of writing this, I am building a ship that can make tunnels, but it's quite tedious holding mouse 2 and slowly pressing W to make a tunnel. A toggle for the secondary mode would help as I could use the Remote Control Block's auto pilot to remove the need of pressing W, best alternative being turning off backwards thrusters (but that has it's own problems), and have it go. However, any mouse action turns off the remote's auto pilot, meaning I have to use the first mode or resort back the manual method. A good alternative would be to let the auto pilot remain on even if the user uses the mouse.

Hunterakagman shared this idea 14/10/17 16:57
MrFaul 01/03/18 22:35
Yes, call it "Excavate" or similar. Should be an On / Off toggle.