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A toggle button on all rotors (maybe pistons too) to disable ''max speed'' auto safety lock as a whole
It's an issue because there is a severe set of problems that happen when you go at full speed with either a battleship with multiple cannons on it, or a fighter that has rotors on it. when you're cruising at max speed and you just want to turn or free fall, but then suddenly the rotors (depending on how many there are present on the craft or vessel) cause a huge lag spike in performance because they automatically lock. with my battleship that has lots of rotors on it, reaching full speed causes a freeze, followed by my battleship colliding with the turrets that are then frozen stuck within the hull because they ''safety locked'' a little out of place. which caused the whole ship to keep moving nonstop. With certain fighter craft it causes problems with steering as some people use vectored thrust to control their craft because of the weird rotor physics suddenly pushing you to the left or right because of the above mentioned issue. We need the ability to disable the safety locking that happens when you reach full speed. we really really do. just a little toggle box that allows us to disable it would be amazing! Thank you for your time.

Rivvion shared this idea 04/10/17 00:31