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A series of coloring issues with the color picker (P)
When trying to pick some darker colors for my ship I noticed a few issues with how the color picker works, I'm not sure if some of these are working as intended as I'm not a color expert, so I'm reporting them here to bring the topic to the devs attention and, if it happens to be that this is not how it's supposed to work, hopefully fix them. I tested this on large and small grids and with various hues, but I didn't want to clutter the post with even more images, so you'll have to take my word for it. ;) I have not tested this with all possible combinations, so if you find some special cases you're very welcome to contribute them! --DISCLAIMER #1: this is a copy of a thread I made on the forum which was sort of ignored. --DISCLAIMER #2: Lots of picture links ahead. Now we can proceed, in order we have: 1. At some lower (but not that extreme) color values, saturation doesn't produce any percievable color change (not sure if that's how colors work): 2. Under a certain color value, the color becomes as dark as it can be, and there's no visual variation between colors with any value under -60 and any level of saturation bigger than 0 (again, not sure if that's how colors work): 3. Darker colors are much lighter on armor blocks than on other blocks (texture coloring problem?): - This gets more noticeable the darker the color is: - Here is an example with the armor colored with the darkest color (210°, 15, -45) and the other blocks colored in the ligher one (210°, 15, -35) as you can see the actual colors of the blocks seem to be much closer to one another than when using the same value for all the blocks: 4. I was still unsure if this was or not an issue and wasn't completely willing to report it, until I found this particular case of coloring issue which led me to the idea that this is not working as intended, as I hope you can see (the picture is not very clear, sorry for that) the body of the astronaut is completely black, while the helmet has the correct dark blue color: 5. The color in the color picker preview square almost never match the actual color the block will be (no picture of that as you can easily see it in any game session).

Radeth shared this idea 27/09/17 12:55
SuicideNeil 28/09/17 06:16 flag comment
These are all issues we've experience since day 1 essentially- color picker seems to be poorly implemented, and unclear ( value = ?, at first glance ). Also of amusement is that there is no actual color-picker option ( dropper tool in any image editing program ), so if you lose or over-write a custom color and didn't note down the values to recreate it, good luck trying to. Whether this is a key-combo or not is kinda besides the point as it isn't listed in any menus anywhere...
ronin 26/12/17 05:44 flag comment
i would also really love an option to make blocks go from sorta foggy color to a shiny silver option
SuicideNeil 27/12/17 02:28 flag comment
^Chrome, Gold & Copper would be awesome options for colours, indeed...
Altenarian 02/01/18 04:32 flag comment
As @Ronin and @SuicideNiel said. We NEED metal colours. Gold, Copper, Chrome, Silver, a Matte, etc.