Space Engineers Feedback

A replacement for Ladders.
I think I'am not the only one who will say that Space Engineers needs a way to easily move a 1 x 1 wide tower or tunnel. Ladders were something that everyone can agree was a good idea but didn't work for Space Engineers. The Animation where off and it just didn't feel right to use them. A good Idea would be Elevators. 1 x 1 x 1 title that can be stacked like the one made by Vicizlat called VCZ Multifloor Elevator* are a good example. Having Buttons like the Button Panel to chose the destination. Blocks that don't have Selected buttons will be skipped. Can be pressurized with Air. I hope you will Vote for this Idea. *Credit goes to Vicizlat and his VCZ Multifloor Elevator Mod Link:

JekoRhino shared this idea 12/10/17 19:59