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a new HUD concept
so right no i think alot of people can agree the hud still needs some improvement, and scince SE is going for the more realistic rout ive got some ideas :D. instead of pressing tab and your hud will quickly change when you press tab you will se the holograms in your hud turn off or on. Different hud variants. so this is simple we will have the huds in names and the hud you have on it will display the name of the hud in small print on the top left such as -simple hud. .empty hud-current .simple hub-current .original hud-current .battle hud-NEW! - battle hud will have a colour scheme of orange and red and enemy targets will have a red circle around them. when your in this hud it will also have show you the amount of ammo you have on a ship or character. also a curved screen. .

ronin shared this idea 04/01/18 17:56
Thiz 15/01/18 17:07
When turrets target enemies, there is already a red target icon on the enemy. When a weapon is selected, the amount of ammo is already displayed. I do think that a 'scanner' block could be useful to display info about ships on the HUD