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A few Ideas from Mapmaking options to Blocks
i know a lot of people who enjoy creating maps scenarios. to make it more interactive would it be possible to add the following options. 1) allow mapmakers to set any block the provides power to supply power to the grid regardless of fual until they are either hacked or removed by a player in survival or updated in another way. the same could be said for turrets and such as well. 2) this is more General but....... i would like to see more challange to boarding cargoships and or other vessels. this could be done in a number of ways. damaged reactors could leak radiation and make the surrounding air poisonous ( this could also lead to having to create special air vents and doors to stop it spreading throughout the ship and maybe a Special space skin you have wear for protection). Reactors that are damaged could also have a point where if not repaired could "melt down" and explode after a set time

hi5kba shared this idea 14/09/17 22:25