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A few Enhanced GPS handling requests
A few ideas on GPS coords... -I would like to see configurable tags/groups. I would like to be able to mark an area as a sector or region, add certain gps coords there, and be able to sort and show/not show on hud with a clickable box in the menu. Also would be great to be able to show only certain types as a group as well... IE: Depots/Bases or show only GPS locations with the labels fe or ur. I have my own system but it seems like it is an obvious layer to add to GPS feature. My current method is to common name some and then sort via search box... ex: RC1 - fe/ur/au so with that I can sort via text for any of those elements and also any with the RC1 (roid cluster#1) label. While it works, this is not very elegant.... Also, when hidden, we need two options maybe? Active, grey, and hidden like you can hide in Control Panel. - Make it so we can more easily share GPS coords with other Faction members without using chat or outside of game tools. Maybe a faction tab with shared GPS coords... Base... Active mining area (meta tag) that shows all the roids we are actively working.. - When I see an lcd with a gps coordinate on it, say at a station, I should be able to click it and have the game ask me if I would like to add it... Instead of having to hand type it or open up the text box menu and copy

RkyMtnDude shared this idea 19/08/17 20:58