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a bigger control panel
the small control panels i like but it do sent fit a lot of things like cargo bays or flight decks. so my idea is a button panel 5-7 times bigger than the current one and instead of it being flat on a wall it will be on a slight 15 degree angle. to get an understanding of the size just think of the current one as a phone and the big one as a ipad or a laptop screen.

ronin shared this idea 11/11/17 17:42
Bleuhazenfurfle 13/12/17 09:24
I always think of them more like Bluetooth pairing; you bring your wrist-mounted display close to the device, it pops a pin-code up on your HUD, and you key that into the keypad to complete the connection (proving you are the one who just swiped the NFC tag, by being there to key in the pin), then use your wrist-mounted interface (trackpad, keyboard, some 3D navigation controls, maybe something inertial too) and HUD as the actual secured wireless terminal interface. (Also kinda explains why you can still be using the terminal while the ship's slowly drifting off into deep space.)