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3D world map
A large 3D holographic map block/menu that displays map data provided to it from ships with a mapping sensor block. This data should be transferable from ship to ship via antenna and can be setup to send and receive map data automatically when in antenna range of another friendly ship/stations antenna. The map should have zooming features and be displayed with sector grids. (See elite dangerous 2014 galactic map for reference) also the map should only display areas of the world that have been explored by ships with a mapping block. It should display asteroid, planet and stations (friendly and enemy) locations. If a planet is selected on a map the maps prospective should change to a top down orbital view that will display the planets terrain and locations of stations, rocks and lakes. If a ship has a mapping block and an ore detector then the ores detected in an asteroid, rock or underground one vain should be saved to the map data so the mineral information can be displayed when the asteroid, rock or underground vain is selected. I think this would be a great tool for factions, pirates, miners or just explorers. It would give a more tactical and polished feel to the game.

TheTeaKettle shared this idea 24/08/17 14:38
xphoenixxx 05/09/17 08:07
If it could be exported to a file also make a great thumbnail in a multi-server hopping mod galactic map.
xphoenixxx 03/04/18 08:28
.. which oddly enough is something I created for another project which displays your map on a website..