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=-0-= Folders and Distance in GPS screen! =-0-=
It starts out fine as I progress through the beginning, but the marking of Ores quickly becomes a hassle when you start to have more than one base. My idea is a simple, but literally a game changing one! Please add Folders to the GPS screen. It would allow players to quickly identify different cords on the screen as well as provide ways to organize depending on the user -preference. As well as Folders, but adding a distance meter would greatly benefit the users ability to quickly determine what the closest ore is without leaving the screen! An Example in the form of a file directory!: GPS/Home/Earth_Base01/ or GPS/Ore/Earth/Base01/Iron/

RNGTeam42 shared this idea 10/09/17 06:28
Bleuhazenfurfle 06/11/17 08:43
There was an earlier suggestion for the folders part of this: I already wrote a bit on that about a more general folders idea covers this and more. As for the distance measure… handy, but not important… and being bound together in one suggestion, I can't vote for one without voting for the other as well, so my vote goes to the older post.